When you’ve Checked all the boxes, 
but life still feels empty,

it’s time to reclaim your joy. 

Executive life coaching for women over 40 
seeking more passion and purpose in everyday life. 


Oh, the goals you’ve achieved … 

The executive position. The corner office. The six-figure salary. You’re practically the poster child for ambitious, high-achieving women. 

So why do you feel so empty?

Why – despite all your accolades and accomplishments – does your soul yearn for so much more? 

You’d love to stop and reflect on this, but that just isn’t an option. “MUST. KEEP. BUSY!” you tell yourself as you chug your third coffee of the morning and prep for that high-pressure presentation to the Board. “The busier I am, the more successful I am!” 

Besides, even if you had the time to contemplate your life (which you don’t; your Outlook Calendar is TRIPLE booked), the thought of adding even one more decision to your plate feels far too overwhelming. You’re already drowning in decision fatigue, and your brain couldn’t possibly work harder than it already is.  

Here's the secret. 

You need to take time to make time. Slowing down might go against every fiber of your being, but it’s the only way to escape the time-starved, “do-more, be-more” cycle that’s running you ragged and setting you up for a major life crisis. 

Trust me, there’s power in the PAUSE. And you, (yes YOU!) deserve to stop, catch your breath, and focus on what you really want in life. 

(Don’t worry. I’ll guide the way with personalized, 1:1 coaching.) 

Hello, gorgeous girl. 

I’m Lori, The Joy CEO 

I help ambitious, high-achieving women like you go from feeling burnt out, disconnected, and completely stuck in their current situation to living their most vibrant life – in and out of the boardroom. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that joy has a ripple effect. Add it to one area of your life and it will enhance so many more! 

Get ready to …

Ditch the constant pressure, exhaustion and overwhelm.

Find your true passion, purpose, and joy.

Love the life you wake up to (even on Mondays!). 

let's do this!

For anyone who believes there is more to unlock in their career - who believes they can be more, do more, give more - Lori, can help them discover that.. She helps you challenge your narrative and unblock whatever is getting in your way. After working with Lori, I emerged different - in the best way possible.

Melissa, CMO, New York City 


“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein

I know that asking for help might make you seriously cringe. (It’s the self-sufficient, high-achiever in you!). But new results demand new actions. Let’s hop on a quick, complimentary call to see if my 1:1 coaching is just what you need to refresh your life.  

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