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Quick Take 

 A former corporate VP turned executive life coach, Lori helps ambitious, professional women over 40 find more joy in and out of the boardroom. 
Drawing on her own major life pivots, she engages her audience with relatable stories and expert advice.

Key Speaking Topics

Who’s In Your Hula Hoop? 

If you’ve answered anything but, “Just me!” Lori will show you how joy comes from within, not from those around you. Learn how her simple-but-powerful hula hoop approach can help you take ownership of a happier life.  

Where’s Your Whitespace? 

Feel like the busier you are the more important you are? It’s time to debunk the Do-More/Be-More myth. Learn why your over-achieving spirit may be hindering your success – and how doing less can be your ticket to more joy. 

Not Your Bubble-Gum Kind of Joy

Does leading a more joyful life mean a perfect world of rainbows and bubble gum? Not on Lori’s watch! Learn how finding joy is more about doing the inner work, moving through pain, and choosing happiness when life throws you a curveball.

Warning: Bumps Ahead

Just when you thought life was starting to look predictable … Here come some major bumps! Learn three easy and effective ways to navigate the ups, downs, and pivots in your life so you can find more joy, no matter what the situation. 


Lori ignites and inspires audiences to stop playing small when it comes to thinking about the life they REALLY want and are meant to live! She takes you on an interactive journey that will resonate with anyone who has strived, and achieved but was left feeling empty-handed, stressed, and wanting more fulfillment. She has amazing insights and solutions that move audiences a to dare to reach for the biggest vision they have for themselves. Audiences will leave feeling inspired and ready to take on their big dream.

Darcy Corcoran, Host of Her Next Best Move podcast

More About Lori

Lori is an executive life coach for professional women over 40 who feel stuck and empty, despite all their accomplishments. Through her signature Joy Revolution framework, she helps them rediscover their purpose and passion, so they can infuse more joy in all facets of their life. 

While Lori provides highly customized, 1:1 coaching, a common theme she speaks on is pivoting – navigating life’s unexpected moments with resilience. 

In 2021, Lori navigated her own major pivot by leaving the corporate world (which she’d been in for 25 years) to start her own business as The Joy CEO. 

While in corporate, Lori was a Customer Vice President of Sales and presented within all levels of the organization: C-Suite to Field Level.

Today, she is a sought-after speaker who engages her audiences with relatable stories, expert advice, and a healthy dose of humor to keep things fun. If your audience is ready to learn, grow, and have a good time, inquire today about booking Lori at your next event. 



Before working with Lori, joy was the furthest thing from my mind as a business owner. I was stuck in the day-to-day and by the time the day was over, I was exhausted and happiness was the last thing on my mind. Wine was the first!

Stacey Hawkins, Founder & President, WOW! by Stacey Hawkins

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